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About Ragvik

Ragvik Technologies offers gps based vehicle trackers and tracking services for vehicle, personnel and moving assets. It has been established with the objective of providing high end technology for the benefit of Individuals, Institutions, Businesses and Government establishments. One of its initiatives is in the telemetric domain of next generation intelligent transport system (ITS) which deals with GPS technology. We inititially started from Guwahati, Assam and now growing in other parts of India.

How GPS Tracker Benefits you

We are passionate about innovation and technology leadership in everything we do ranging from products to processes.


Vehicle Tracking

The vehicle owner without being physically present can monitor as to where his vehicle is stationed or in movement at any point of time, number of kilometers travelled, numbers of trips ...

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Fleets

Global complexity of supply chain management and unpredictability of demand makes it difficult for organizations to deliver quality goods on time. One proven method of improving the reliability of ...

Police and Law

Police and Law Enforcement

Ragvik provides a highly efficient and smart system of tracking vehicles and personnel remotely from any Police Control Rooms using laptops or computers. Some of the key components are...

School Bus

School Bus

Ragvik facilitates the School Management to locate each school bus individually regarding its location at almost real time and also enable the parents to see them so accordingly they can plan the child pick up & drop with a minimum waiting time.


Hospitals and Emergency Services

Emergency Tracking Systems from Ragvik can help locate patients during emergencies and evacuations. Hospital management and administration can track and monitor ambulances which are often dispersed over a wide geography. Tracking each ambulance within a...


Taxi Fleets

Ragvik Technologies fleet tracking system helps monitor fleets of buses or taxi cabs. It can be used for taxi cab companies all over the country.Tracking a fleet of vehicles with our solutions can be a life saving technique for larger companies, because many of these...

  • Shanu Choudhury

    " Ragvik provides my business consistently with accurate and high quality tracking report and diagnostics . I am able to update my customers with accurate information on cargo delivery. Asides the productivity and cost of my fleet has shown remarkable improvement."

  • Aneeta Dutta

    "Ragvik's product has helped me immensely to monitor my driver's movement with my car. "

  • Shubashis Dey

    " I have been able to monitor my fuel consumption and mileage in my car ever since Ragvik's devices were installed on my vehicle."

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