Question 1. Can I know where my vehicles are without manually calling the driver ?
Ragvik tracker enables clients to view the exact location and address of vehicles by logging in to their account.
Question 2. Which is the nearest vehicle to call for an emergency ?
During an emergency the nearest vehicle can be mobilized manually.
Question 3. Can we monitor the speed of our vehicle in real time ?
Speed monitoring can be done from the vehicle data provided in the customized report.
Question 4. Is the driver taking an unplanned detour? If so can I get notified immediately ?
Geo-fencing facility in ragvik application enables client to know if driver takes a detour.
Question 5. Is the driver stopping on route more time than expected ?
Duration of engine off data is readily available at our reports and in our Fleet Management application.
Question 6. Can we get an electronic arrival notification with Date, Time and Location stamp ?
Ragvik application enables client to get arrival notification for a specified location
Question 7. Ooops! I parked it here! Where is my car? Stolen ?
Ignition on alerts allows our clients to know any unplanned vehicle movement. You can also immobilize your vehicle and inform police.
Question 8. Wish my car could send me an SMS if it were moved by someone ?
On specific request of our clients this can be provided.
Question 9. Where is the chauffeur? Is he misusing the vehicle ?
We can provide specific alerts on request of our clients to know any unplanned vehicle usage.
Question 10. Is the chauffeur doing mischief with the fuel ?
By analyzing the distance travelled report it is possible to monitor any misuse of fuel.
Question 11. Can I transfer my tracker from one vehicle to another ?
Yes, with the relocation cost.

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